How we improved the online presence of a U.S. based commercial waste service.

Mundea is on a mission to solve the world's biggest problems in the areas of trash, recycling and compost management.


Frontend, leads, organic traffic.


Web and mobile.

Project Overview

Our client Mundea Group LLC is a U.S. based enterprise focussed on commercial waste management operating from Baltimore MD. They are on a mission to solve the world's biggest problems in the areas of trash, recycling and compost management. Mundea approached us for development of a new website with strong focus on organic growth and qualified lead generation. Our team offered a design-centric approach to solving the following:

  • Optimize corporate identity for online use.
  • Frontend and backend design and development.
  • Improve traffic and organic visibility.
  • Improve user experience.
  • Lead generation through social media.


During the scoping session with our client we worked on a clear strategy for building an improved lead generating website. Before getting started on the design and development we updated the Mundea corporate identity. This document serves as a guide for our web design team by helping them make the right design decisions. In doing so we ensure consistency with the Mundea brand's look and feel.

To increase the organic traffic we used the following strategy:

  • Develop an integrated site-wide keyword strategy.
  • Uncovering user intent and organizing the site’s content.
  • Create URL strategy to take advantage of established value.
  • Remove and merge sections of the old website to support keyword strategy.
  • Post website launch, SEO monitoring to fix issues.

Firing on both the organic and the paid traffic engines allows us to dramatically increase the amount of qualified leads coming in through the Mundea website. Besides improving the lead funnel we've improved the acquisition of paid traffic through managing bidding options, targeting options, and tweaking ad copy to outperform competitors.

Project Results

By implementing clear and workable strategy we've been able to generate the following results:

  1. 330% increase in organic traffic.
  2. Increased visibility on SERP (Search Engines Results Page).
  3. 5x more leads generated through the website.
  4. Increased overall lead quality.
  5. Another happy client.

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USER86 has worked on both our logo and website design. They’ve really helped us define a strong brand image which completely reflects our company’s vision in a distinctive manner. As a boutique law firm we had very specific ideas; USER86 was very capable in translating these into a sophisticated and unique visual design. I would highly recommend working with USER86, certainly if you wish to bring your company’s image to a higher level. Their work ethic and dedication to the process are admirable, while listening carefully to the clients’ demands.

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